Setting up a new business

We’ll work alongside you to lay the foundations of a successful
business, from setting you up with the IRD, to the accounting systems
you’ll use.

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What do I need to know about starting a business?

We’re passionate about working alongside Kiwis early in their business journey to establish a strong base for their future. It’s important that while we look forward to the ambitious goals you want to achieve, we also help you to ensure that the foundations of your business are set up correctly so that you don’t encounter future roadblocks.

How we can support your new business

Choosing the right business entity

There are a few essential steps to take before you start your business journey. We can help you choose the most suitable entity type for your business, such as company, partnership, sole trader, or trust.

Applying for an IRD number

Alongside selecting your business entity, we’ll also ensure that you have all the foundations of your business established, such as an IRD number.

Setting up an accounting system

We’ll help you select the system that’s right for your business. These are key to success for all business owners to build in efficiency, time management, and clearly structured processes that work.

What you need to know about working with us

We want you to succeed, so we keep accounting simple.

You’ll hear from us often

We keep in contact at every step in your journey with us, asking the right questions to optimise your business and processes.

We use expert accounting tools

We use cloud-based tools like Xero to keep your accounting simple and accessible.

We’re fully qualified Chartered Accountants

We stay on top of our accounting skills, updating our qualifications through prestigious programmes.

Helping Kiwis set up successful businesses

We love working with our clients to keep business conversations simple.